The Network Is Hidden

Sometimes, wireless networks are set with their SSID hidden. This is usually a security measure although some devices are automatically set this way.

You're Connecting To An Ad-Hoc Network

Wireless routers are used to set up Ad Hoc WiFi networks. This is very easy to set up on PC platforms. All you have to do is use the WiFi chip.

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How To Download Showbox on Windows 7/8.1/10

Show box has been doing a great job in providing quality video content to the users of internet for a very long time, this application has been up since the time when all the entertainment stuff came up to the great point in internet. Download showbox for pc - windows 10 for free it is completely legals as they take rights from the producers and the owners of the video to get a legal ownership and only then they upload the content to their app.

Whatever be the company that provide mobile applications, it will have some sort of bug and errors, in the same way the show box was having a lot of bugs at the initial time of release, but it eventually removed all the bugs and everything and the app was very clean. But still people face some problems while installing or using show box for pc application.


Most of the times, the problem is due to the users mobile or something that they did wrong, the application is 99% safe and clean from bugs. So, in this post I will list of the top errors or problems people are facing while installing or downloading the application and post working solutions of it.

In app update and the server is not available

Most of the people face only this one error which is very common because show box has no big server or servers across the globe, so people will face this error most of the time.

The best solution to this error is to wait for some time and try again, so try enabling a VPN and then try updating the application again, this should help and solver your problem soon.

If still you face the same problem, then uninstall the application and try to download the application for any external source like APK mirror website, and then install the at least version directly, this will surely fix it from repeating again.

Show box stopped working or not responding

This happens only because of the users problem, it will never happen because of the application or it’s server side errors, all you need to do to fix is it just to tweak your phone for a little settings to give enough processing power and memory to the application.

This error usually occurs to those phones which have limited memory or low grade processors, so all you have to do is close all other applications and reboot your phone once and then open and use the application, everything should work fine now.

These 2 above mentioned errors are the most occurring errors in show box, and fixes for them are posted above, if you face any unique error other than these, kindly comment below and we will guide you in fixing them.


Everybody must have encountered this problem at some point. It could be with the wireless network set up at home or it could be at public hotspots but whatever the case may be, slow wireless connections are not a strange occurrence.

Here are possible reasons why WiFi networks can keep disconnecting.

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