The Network Is Hidden

Sometimes, wireless networks are set with their SSID hidden. This is usually a security measure although some devices are automatically set this way.

You're Connecting To An Ad-Hoc Network

Wireless routers are used to set up Ad Hoc WiFi networks. This is very easy to set up on PC platforms. All you have to do is use the WiFi chip.

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Chromecast Extension for Android

Google has done a lot of things in the last 2 decade, out of which the famous ones were only, the search engine, google mail and you tube, but there are a lot more google has done and many people use them in al most many countries, but it fails to reach some countries, due to some external factors, but today we will see the chrome cast, which most of the people doesn't know.

Chrome cast is a small device which is circular in shape and has a USB cable form it which can be plugged in to a smart TV which turns the television in to a computer combined television, using this great chromecast app download you can browse the web and stream movies, songs, etc. You can do anything that you do on a computer.


You can even video chat with your loved ones using this technology and device, you will have to just plug-in the device, and open the chrome cast app then head on to the play store and search for Skype, google talk, or the network in which you want to chat and download it and install it in your chrome cast and you can start chatting.

Like this there are a lot features in the chrome cast app, which many people doesn’t know about, you can do a lot more than you think using the google chrome cast application and it’s add-ons. You can even connect it to your iTunes and play the songs from it. Also install apps like mobdro, kodi and start live streaming channels in high definition.

This adds added benefits to the chrome cast, you can check your emails form the television, you can connect a mouse to the chrome cast device or you can just use your mobile phone as your remote and get the full control of the application that you plugged in to your TV. There are 2 apps, one for the android and the other for iOS which can be used to control the chrome cast app.

The name of the application is Google home, which provides a variety of control over the chrome cast application, you can increase or decrease volume of the video or the song that is now playing and you can increase the brightness, check mail, browse web, stream video and do everything that is mentioned above using the google home application.

The new feature of the application will allow the you tube beta live TV channel features for the public to test and using which you can live stream any TV channel, the list includes almost all the channels that you will know, that too in high definition, however all these features are not available to all regions, some are region specific.


Everybody must have encountered this problem at some point. It could be with the wireless network set up at home or it could be at public hotspots but whatever the case may be, slow wireless connections are not a strange occurrence.

Here are possible reasons why WiFi networks can keep disconnecting.

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